IMG_9238Every Tuesday from 6:00 – 7:00 pm
No preregistration necessary ~ drop-ins are always welcome!
Double S Quarter Horses, upstairs in the hayloft
15216 Colony Road
Bow, WA 98232 
click here for directions
Beginners welcome!   This accessible yoga class is specifically designed for equestrians across disciplines with all levels of yoga experience.   In this practice, we will focus on areas that translate to a better seat in the saddle: hips, hamstrings, balance, shoulders, core, posture, and breath.  Come see how Yoga and Horseback Riding are one and the same.  Click for more details on the class.  Mats and props are provided.




Bring your yoga practice off the mat … and onto your horse’s back!

Inquire about upcoming workshops at Double S Quarter Horses or Big Lake Stables below or contact Jessie to schedule a Horseback Yoga Workshop at your local barn.



Please contact Jessie with inquiries:

or (312) 857-3454
Click here to sign up for the Horseback Yoga e-mail list.

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