Utthita-Tadasana-Curious-FletchJESSIE TIERNEY, Certified Registered Yoga Teacher
Jessie is as passionate about using a gentle, heartfelt approach to horsemanship as she is about the benefits of yoga.  An equestrian of 18 years, Jessie draws from a strong foundation in Saddleseat equitation & showing and Western natural horsemanship: she has been teaching riding lessons since she was fifteen.  Jessie is a is a 320-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified & Registered graduate of the Shambhava School of Yoga’s Level I, II and III Yoga Teacher Trainings and continues her education.

Jessie believes that Yoga is a systematic approach that guides us to reach our highest potential.  She loves helping people discover firsthand how yoga balances horses and their riders for enhanced connection and deeper, more effective communication.

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Practitioners and riders should not try these exercises without the guidance of a professional.


Please click here to view a pdf of Jessie’s Yoga Teaching Experience



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