New Teacher!  Victoria Thulman is now teaching Hayloft Yoga as Jessie is completing her doctoral program in West Virginia.  You will love Vicky!

No preregistration necessary ~ drop-ins are always welcome!
Double S Quarter Horses, upstairs in the hayloft
15216 Colony Road
Bow, WA 98232

Beginners welcome! This accessible yoga class is specifically designed for equestrians across disciplines with all levels of yoga experience. In this practice, we focus on areas that translate to a better seat in the saddle and ways to better connect with your self and your horse.  We stretch and strengthen hips, hamstrings, balance, shoulders, core, posture, and breath. Come see how Yoga and Horseback Riding are more complementary than you think!  Mats and props are provided.


Codi-Fletch-TwistBring your yoga practice off the mat … and onto your horse’s back!

Inquire with Jessie about upcoming workshops at various locations across the Skagit Valley or  schedule a Horseback Yoga Workshop at your local barn.

Jessie often collaborates with the talented Matney Cook of Hoofbeat Attunement for a full-day workshop.

Click here  for details.



Jessie Tierney, CRYT

Jessie is as passionate about using a gentle, heartfelt approach to horsemanship as she is about the benefits of yoga.  E-RYT is an official designation meaning ExperiencedRegistered Yoga Teacher.  Jessie has been an active member of the Yoga Alliance since 2011 with over one thousand hours of yoga teaching experience, and she has been working with horses since she was 8 years old (that’s over 20 years).  Jessie is currently a Doctor of Physical Therapy student at Wheeling Jesuit University.

Click here to learn a little more about Jessie!


Please contact Jessie with inquiries:

or (312) 857-3454
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