Horseback Yoga Photo shoot

Now that my essay about Horseback Yoga is published and out in the world (read it here!), I am so excited to unveil the fun photos that I shot with friends at Double S Quarter Horses earlier this summer!

The stars of the shoot are Fletch and Danny, two gorgeous Quarter Horse geldings who were absolute gentlemen for their photoshoot.  It was Fletch’s first time being ridden bareback, and he was perfectly happy to practice yoga with his human partner.

The supermodel paired with Danny is Sara, and Codi is Fletch’s.  These two talented and gorgeous women are great friends of mine, exceptional equestrians and dedicated practitioners of yoga.  In some of the photos, Nathan (my sweetie) and I take turns partnering with Fletch for some on-the-ground yoga.

Please enjoy some of my personal favorites from the day.  And please let me know what you think!


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  1. Though it may look like I am kissing Fletch on his muzzle in the above picture, I am not. I’m blowing gently into his nostrils, which is one way horses communicate with one another. This technique was used by Native Americans in their domestication of wild horses. I take a turn, then he takes a turn. I do this almost every time I see him, and he loves it! He is the snuggliest horse I know.


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