Yoga Teacher Training: A Request

Greetings to my Community!

Yoga Play in Boulder, CO

Yoga Play in Boulder, CO

I am writing with a request.

I am so excited to announce that I have solidified my intention to travel to the mountains of Colorado and further my practice and skill as a Certified & Registered Yoga Instructor. I will be attending a 2-week long Yoga Teacher Training Intensive at the Shoshoni Mountain Ashram. I’m leaving August 9th for Rollinsville, CO, where I will be staying (in my tent!) until August 24th, completing the Intermediate Level 2 & 3 Shambhava Yoga Teacher Trainings offered there. This is the same school of yoga from which I completed my Level I Teacher Training in 2010.

The experience will offer me the ability to teach more advanced and in-depth asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation. The intensive, where I will practice yoga from 5 am until after dinner, 14 days straight, will allow me to become a better instructor and then joyfully offer these gems to my community upon my return.

Do what you dream!

Do what you dream!

My long-term goal is to become a ERYT-500 (the most advanced level of accredited yoga teachers) by the time I graduate from Physical Therapy school in 2017. My dream is to integrate yoga into physical & hippotherapy, offering a holistic approach to healing that not only addresses the physical body, but also the emotional, intellectual and spiritual body. I am already well on my way toward my goal, having obtained significant experience in the PT field, having taught over 300 hours of yoga classes since I first became a teacher, and having just last week registered for classes at Western Western Washington University, where I will complete my prerequisites for PT school in one calendar year. This upcoming teacher training is my next step toward fulfilling my dream.

I am writing with a request. This training costs $2180. I am humbly seeking sponsorship, in any amount, for this training.

I would be deeply grateful for any amount of support you are comfortable with (even if it is a moment of your day thinking positive thoughts toward my journey!).

Jessie Tierney
411 Coffman Lane
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284

In sincerest gratitude for your time and support. I am thrilled to be on this exciting journey!




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