Amazing Photos of equine embryo!

Check out this beautiful photography, published in the Smithsonian Magazine, titled “The Serene Beauty of Horses in the Womb,” by photographer Tim Flach (and check out his site, too ~ he has over sixty stunning photos of horses under EQUUS ~ I could have spent hours staring at my computer screen; it’s absolutely amazing!).


Photo from

What do you think?  How about the photos of the horses in the womb … are they not human-like?  Fascinating!  I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s a small snip from the article (read the rest here):

Flach’s most intimate treatment of the subject—his documentation of the gestation of a horse—even reveals a biological resemblance. In its earliest, undifferentiated days, the milky white form might appear to be that of either human or equine. But by day 85 the graceful, 5.5-inch-long figure—suspended in formalin and photographed through a glass container—is undeniably a horse. “I hope it inspires a sense of awe,” Flach says. “You’re seeing something in its design stages.”


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