Horseback Yoga ~ Hoofbeat Attunement

Horseback_YogaIt just doesn’t get better than this!  Tonight was the second night in a row of horse & yoga amazingness.

Last evening was a beautiful practice in the Hayloft, and tonight I met up with my gifted friend Matney to co-teach a private Horseback Yoga ~ Hoofbeat Attunement session to a dear friend and her lovely and articulate 14-year old  stepdaughter.

Sometimes I am just in awe that this is my life!  All my dreams have come true.  I get to spend the next year and a half teaching more and more people this beautiful way to connect with themselves, their bodies, and their horses.  What more could a girl ask for?


From the cool evening breeze to the thousands of lilies bordering the facility to the sweet connection that happened between Mike (the horse) and his human partners, it was a lovely session.  Matney’s deeply intuitive instruction and guidance is always so enlightening.  Our darling participants were open and interested in absorbing all that they could from the experience.  I am especially grateful to Mike for being such a sweet and instructive yoga teacher, offering licks and chews, nodding when in agreement, yawning, and turning his neck so he could see just what his rider was doing on his back each time she found a new pose.  His partners really learned a new language thanks to his clear teaching.  And thank you, ladies, for your sweet enthusiasm and making tonight just beautiful in every way.


I so look forward to many more Horseback Yoga ~ Hoofbeat Attunement collaborations in the future!

Stay tuned for more.  And please contact Matney or myself to inquire.

Happy Trails!

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