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Winning Quote!

Leslie won a free Hayloft Yoga Class Pass for this winning quote:


Honorable mentions were Vicki, Sue, and Hadea.

Special thanks to Dipper (the horse), Codi (the photographer) and my garden (the carrot)!

Enjoy some of the other great quotes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And stay tuned for the next contest!

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Best Quote Wins …

Fill our quote bubbles and win a free Class Pass to Hayloft Yoga!

Winner will be announced Tuesday September 2nd.



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Winning Quote!


Sue T. wins a free Hayloft Yoga class for coming up with the hilarious quote featured in the bubbles!

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Quote this Picture …

… for a Free Hayloft Yoga class!

I was horsin’ around with my dear friend Codi and her movie-star (as in the most camera-aware, perky-eared horse I’ve encountered!) Palomino Quarter Horse, Cajun, when this perfect photo op arose.

What do you think they are saying?


If you’re curious, we were at the impeccable and magical Wild Marmot Ranch,
and they currently have vacancy for boarders!


I can’t wait to read what y’all come up with!

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