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At first glance, yoga on horseback may seem like an unlikely merging of opposites.  However, we see that the core principles of yoga ~ breathing, balance, awareness, presence, union ~ are the very qualities that make an equine-rider partnership truly exceptional.  Yoga combines mindfulness with breath and a myriad of other subtle practices in order to cultivate Union (of body-mind-soul).  Horseback riding, when done with these qualities, truly unites horse and rider through its own subtle techniques.  Both yoga and riding are a practice–not to be mastered overnight, and with diligence and awareness, can bestow the greatest gifts we humans can ask for.

~Jessie Tierney, Horseback Yoga instructor


The meaning of Yoga is Union.

Horseback Yoga™ teaches you how to unite with your equine partner in a meaningful way, through calming your mind, conscious breathing, heightening awareness, and gently moving the body.  Through conscious awareness, this approach deeply enhances your connection to and communication your inner self & with the horses you love.  It’s applicable to all disciplines, and it’s a lot of fun!

Come ready to awaken your inner playfulness and discover a new “language” for communicating with your horse: the language of the body.


Stretch!Horseback Yoga Workshops are 3 hours long.
Minimum 4 participants; max 8.

Participants meet for a one-hour yoga class (the horses stand by at first), moving through some basic yoga postures, tuning into our awareness, and learning how to breathe.

Next, horses and riders meet in the arena with the horse haltered/bridled (no saddles!).  We begin on the ground next to our horses, discussing the language we use to communicate with our horses, then establishing a connection through breath.  Then, we move into some connection exercises and gentle stretching of our equine partners, with an emphasis on proper body mechanics for both horse and human.  Stretching alongside our horses, we practice bringing the connection we made with our physical body to our connection with our horse.

Once we have established a foundation, we’ll mount up and continue to breathe deeply and practice yoga on horseback for one hour.

Jessie teaches with a strong emphasis on safety.

No previous yoga experience necessary; horse and rider must be comfortable bareback (mounting stool will be provided).


Fletch and Jessie


Jessie is as passionate about using a gentle, heartfelt approach to horsemanship as she is about the benefits of yoga.  Jessie has been an active member of the Yoga Alliance since 2011 with over one thousand hours of yoga teaching experience, and she has been working with horses since she was 8 years old (that’s over 20 years).

Jessie is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy working in Bellingham, and she brings an in-depth understanding of anatomy, physiology, and functional movement as well as an integration of energy systems to her offerings.

Jessie has seen how yoga helps us to do everything more gracefully, and she loves helping people discover firsthand how yoga balances horses and their riders for a better system of communication with deeper, more meaningful connection.  Click for more about Jessie.


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“I slept better than I have in a long time, and I’m still feeling the effects of yesterday’s horse yoga!  I really didn’t know what to expect and I’m so glad that I went.  The positive energy and supportive environment made it easy to let go and be fully present in each moment.  It’s so special to be able to experience that with a horse, especially one that I didn’t know.  Thanks again, Matney & Jessie!”

~Julie Lewis-Schot, Horseback Yoga ~ Hoofbeat Attunement Workshop participant

“Your clinic was perfect and well orchestrated with your educational and creative talents.    Great job and thanks.”

~S. H., Workshop Participant

“Oh my goodness did I just witness something fun and enlightening, and healthy!”

~T. C., Horseback Yoga at Horse Harmonics ~ Alchemy of Attunement Auditor

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  1. wonderful! check out our horse riding centre in Greece! we are opening a yoga centre next spring. Maybe you would like to come and visit!