Utthita-Tadasana-Curious-FletchJESSIE TIERNEY, Doctor of Physical Therapy & Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher
Jessie is as passionate about using a gentle, heartfelt approach to horsemanship as she is about the benefits of yoga.  An equestrian of 20+ years, Jessie draws from a strong foundation in Saddleseat equitation as a girl and natural horsemanship she first encountered guiding 5-day pack trips into the Colorado Pikes Peak foothills.  She began teaching riding lessons when she was fifteen, and has continued in a teaching role in some capacity ever since.

Jessie is a lifelong student of Shambhava Yoga, where she met her beloved teacher and sangha in 2010.  She is certified as a 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Experienced & Registered Yoga Teacher.  She is also a Physical Therapist with a doctorate degree from Wheeling Jesuit University.  During her studies, she conducted research on the effects of Pranayama, which is yogic breathing, on chronic low back pain (spoiler alert: it works!).  She is currently a practicing PT at Bellingham Physical Therapy.

RYT200Yoga is a systematic approach that guides us to reach our highest potential.  Jessie is honored to be in a position that helps people discover firsthand how yoga harmonizes both horses and their riders for enhanced connection and deeper, more effective communication.

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Practitioners and riders should not try these exercises without the guidance of a professional.

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