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Songs in Savasana


What an amazing evening in the hayloft!  Tonight’s class was free of charge, in celebration of National Yoga Month in the spirit of making the transformational practice of yoga accessible to all.

There are countless benefits of yoga, and the Yoga Health Foundation offers a list of research-supported, evidence-based findings, supporting the relief of conditions ranging from fatigue to cancer, inflammation to menopause, anxiety & depression.  Quite extensive!

What the list doesn’t quite get at, however, is the depth of connection we can cultivate in practice to our Inner Self, or our deepest truth.  It’s hard to measure the subtle qualities that we get in touch with and develop through a yoga practice.  Tonight’s class was guided by the heart center, opening both physically and energetically to our highest potential in our asanas and, ultimately, in our lives.

“The heart is the hub of all sacred places.  Go there and roam in it.”


At the end of class, as we settled into Savasana, placing support under our knees to nourish the low back, lengthening our necks, relaxing our shoulders, our arms, opening our hearts and palms to the sky in a gesture of receiving via letting go.

Even the horses got quiet.  Matney brought out her guitar and sang till our hearts were as full as the moon …


Om shanti shanti shanti.

Thank you for a beautiful practice.


Mudflat_ReleaseMatney’s band, The Mudflat Walkers, will be playing at their CD Release Extravaganza (kid-friendly!) upcoming on Friday, September 19th from 5-9pm in Fairhaven.  I hope you will join me in celebrating (bring carrots for her four-legged co-star, whose Debut Performance will be featured during the Mudflat Walkers set)!

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I am so honored and filled with smiles by Hadea’s sweet comment after Hayloft Yoga last evening and I want to share it with all of you!

“Each week I show up for Hayloft Yoga with Jessie I think I am there for my body, my flexibility and my strength. 60 minutes later I realize I am there because it fills my soul.

It is like filling up a bag with coffee beans at the grocery store:  you slide your little bag under the spout and lean into it and WHOOSH!  It is full.  It aligns me with Source in such a full way I am awash with self love and compassion.  So so so so good. ♡”

~Hadea Tift


It fills me up to have the opportunity to teach yoga in one of the most peaceful spots I can imagine, to some of the sweetest folks I could ask to know, who are equally willing to open up and feel ~ deeply ~ how full their souls already are.  Yoga gives us the tools to do just that: to let go of the cloudiness and see clearly that we are really already full inside.  I have so much gratitude to each of you for being a part of my community.

You help me feel full, too!

I’d like to leave you with the quote I read at the start of class, from a book I am enjoying so very much called Zen Mind Zen Horse.  I recommend it whole-heartedly to all of you!

“One lesson horses teach us right away is that intention begins with inspiration.  The foundation of training begins and ends with a breath.  Deep breathing disciplines us to slow down.  As predators, we like everything as fast as possible, preferably yesterday.  Why?  The faster the action, the quicker the reward.  For prey animals it is just the opposite.  The slower the action is, the more it gets absorbed.

Prey animals are patient.  For them, rushing is inextricably linked to fear.  Proper learning and reflection require tranquility and safety.  As super-charged predators, humans need to purposefully slow themselves down.  Breathing benefits the trainer by assembling and focusing her attention.”

~ Allan J. Hamilton, MD

I invite you to check in throughout your day with a deep, yogic belly breath.  See how gently you can expand and lengthen your inhale, and how softly, slowly and completely you can experience the exhale.  Just one deep, slow breath, a few times throughout your day.  I’m confident it will remind you of how to feel full of Source, or Love, or Compassion, or whatever it is you think you lack.

Breathing deeply,


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