Note: This class is on hold while Jessie is in Physical Therapy School.



This Accessible Yoga Class is Specifically Designed for Horse Enthusiasts Across Disciplines with All Levels of Yoga Experience.


Practice yoga to the sounds of munching horses and that infamous smell all horse people love. This unique class meets in the upstairs hayloft of Double S Quarter Horses, a beautiful training and lesson facility in Bow, WA. Sue Sultze and Tom Pasma have graciously opened this space where horse enthusiasts can meet for a fun, non-intimidating, riding-inspired yoga practice led by Victoria Thulman, Certified Yoga Teacher.


Classes are now being taught by Victoria Thulman, as Jessie is working on her graduate program in West Virginia.  

Horse lovers will learn to unite with their breath and balance their bodies, fostering flexibility, balance, strength, and ease of movement. The practice will also attune the mind, helping participants sharpen their focus and deepen their ability to communicate with their equine friends. Jessie leads an alignment-based, intuitive class, responding to the needs and concerns of participants, offering hands-on adjustments and variations that suit each practitioner’s needs. You don’t have to be a pretzel to do yoga!


Drop-ins welcome
No need to pre-register


You can RSVP if you like (not required) to Jessie at 312 – 857 – 3454
Please arrive ten minutes early to sign a liability waiver, get acquainted with the practice space, and settle into your spot on a yoga mat (provided, but feel free to bring yours).


Click Here to plan your route

From Sedro-Woolley:

  • Take Cook Road West to Chuckanut Drive
  • Turn Right on Chuckanut Drive (about 8 miles)
  • Turn Right on Colony Road
  • Take your first Right at the stop sign onto Colony
  • Turn into the 2nd driveway on your Right, park at the big red barn

From I-5:

  • Exit 231
  • Follow the signs around the roundabout and get onto Chuckanut Drive
  • Turn Right on Colony Road
  • Take your first Right at the stop sign onto Colony
  • Turn into the 2nd driveway on your Right, and park at the big red barn

From Bellingham

  • Take Chuckanut Drive south out of Fairhaven
  • Turn Left on Colony Road (just past the Zen Living Gardens)
  • Take your first Right at the stop sign, continuing onto Colony
  • Turn into the 2nd driveway on your Right, park at the big red barn

Double S Quarter Horses, 15216 Colony Road, Bow, WA
Parking is available at Double S


While it is possible to practice yoga in boots and jeans (or jodhpurs), it is usually more comfortable to wear clothing that does not restrict movement, such as sweat pants or workout clothes (or even your breeches if they’re stretchy). If you do show up in Wranglers, however, you won’t be turned away. You should be able to sit with some semblance of crossed legs and lift your arms overhead comfortably in your clothes. The yoga practice is done barefoot, without socks (so your feet don’t slip off the yoga mat).


Jessie will provide mats, blocks, and straps if you don’t have them. Feel free to bring your own supplies, including a blanket that can be rolled or folded for use as a bolster. The practice is held in a hayloft, which is something to keep in mind when the weather is acting particularly Northwestern (layers are always a good idea).


Jessie Tierney, CRYT

Jessie Tierney, E-RYT


Yoga gave Jessie the same type of emotional and physical benefits that horseback riding had given her for years when she discovered this powerful practice during college. While she didn’t have the resources to ride in Chicago during school, she could dedicate a few evenings a week to her yoga practice. Once Jessie graduated and started riding again, she recognized that despite her time out of the saddle, she was a more balanced, focused, and effective equestrian. Yoga helped Jessie not only get her long-distance horse fix, it made her a better rider. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share the profound benefits of a regular yoga practice through Hayloft Yoga


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  23. Nancy

    I rode as a youngster and never lost my love for horses., but haven’t ridden in years. Can I still participate?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nancy, thank you for contacting me! You are absolutely welcome to come to Hayloft Yoga classes ~ the only requirement is that you love horses! We practice up a flight of stairs in he hayloft, atop the horses’ stalls with a view of Blanchard Mountain and the horses munching their hay below. It is a very grounding, peaceful space.

      As for Horseback Yoga workshops, depending upon the workshop, you may choose to participate on foot and pair up with someone who brings their horse for some of the activities. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions!

      I look forward to seeing you at Hayloft Yoga!


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